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Intelligent closes tool is meaning an intelligent toilet which is suitable for children.
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Intelligent Toilet

Intelligent Toilet 

Intelligent closes tool is meaning an intelligent toilet which is suitable for children and adult, it comprise with a bedpan, a water-tank, a human body signal sensor automatic. Closestool has the flushing identification system, and an automatic warm water spraying hop washing system for hip washing function and women wash you can choose, it is safe, reliable and low in manufacturing cost.

The first intelligent toilet was born in 1964 from an American, who was invention it for his illness father, he spent about two years which was control keyboard by foot with washing system and drying and he applied for technology, so it was not from Japanese

Why I talk it today, because I bought the one in my rest room at the last week, even Tiger has used it for many years at home, I remembered when he was using at the first time he liked me try it, the sense of feeling was really bad, especial for washing function I was entirely unused to intelligent product, I totally refused to his toilet. Maybe I was too stubborn to accept the new thing in daily life.

I realized intelligent toilet is something we wouldn’t live without it, it is not late for my understanding of today. I found one of my friends hand carry one portable device which has the same function of intelligent closestool during their journey, in the airport the custom did not know what’s it and what for?, that’s mean how important in the life is it.

Sometime we would like to change our certain life, it might bring you many different minds and feelings. Smart home we should learn a little by a little, including water dispenser, the voice curtain, and digital vacuum cleaner, etc, in our life gradually, we have to learn and update our mind at the same time, otherwise we are knockout stage.